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Membership Application


To join Aish Kodesh, please submit the following application form. All applications will be reviewed and approved before membership is granted. Someone will be in touch with your shortly after submitting this form.

(Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rabbi, Rebbetzin)
(Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., Rabbi, Rebbetzin)

Membership Terms

By my submission of this membership application, I agree to be bound by the provisions of article 12 of the Congregation's Certificate of Incorporation, which is as follows:

"The congregation is, and the Congregation shall be, dedicated to the conduct of decorous services which shall at all times be a Kiddush HaShem - a sanctification of G-d's name - and in a manner designed to enhance their spiritual and esthetic beauty (including the extensive use of congregational singing). To that end it shall be a condition of membership that a member pledge to, and at all times conduct themselves accordingly."

for the remainder of this year


Tue, November 24 2020 8 Kislev 5781