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•Weinberg Family•

L’ilui Nishmas Dovid ben Yosef

Yahrtzeit is bo bayom


The Livestream is provided free of charge for your benefit so that all members of our kehilla and Jews worldwide can enjoy this uplifting event. 

We are relying on your generosity. We ask that you please consider a minimum suggested contribution of $18 to support this event.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

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•Schuckman Family

For a Refua Shelaima for all those who are in need including:
Dovid Ben Devora
Elisheva Gila Bas Leah
Shmuel Chaim Ben Baila Ruchel
Peryl Bas Tziporah
Moshe Ben Raizel
Aaron Ben Rachel Malka


The Goldman family

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467




•Cynthia and Harry Kotowitz

לזכר נשמת

אברהם זאב בן מרדכי
לאנא בת מאיר יצחק


•Danielle & Ari Witkes•

In honor of the incredible energy of Aish Kodesh and the amazing leadership and guidance of Rebbe & the Rebbetzin.



•Alex & Esther Shulman•

Refuah Sheleima for all those that need one.


•Aaron & Sarah Greenblott•

L"zecher Nishmas Yamima Bas Avraham



Refuah Sheleima Yisroel Chaim ben Yehudis


•Daniel & Amy Gibber

In honor of Rebbe & Rebbetzin, and for a Refuah Sheleima for Freidah bas Malka Sarah


•The Elishis Family

In honor of Rav Weinberger, with sincere gratitude for the beautiful Torah and teachings we learn from the Rav


•Yossi and Ronit Rosenfeld•

In honor of Rebbe and all the other Rebbeim of Aish Kodesh who continually inspire us and help lift us up



Karmely and Rendler Families

L'Ilui Nishmas Ruchama Yocheved bas Aharon Z"L
Yahrtzeit 5 Cheshvan

The Lauber Family

L'Ilui Nishmas

לאה דינה בת חיים שלמה

The Nudman Family

L'Ilui Nishmas Jessica's mother and father

Chana bas Sarah ז׳ל

Meir ben Moshe Dovid ז׳ל

The Garfinkel Family

In Honor of Rebbe

Beverly & Henry Schachar

The light, spirit and warmth of the Tzaddik, zy'a permeates our beis medrash through yl't, Rebbe shlita and his Torah

Aliza and Moshe Pilevsky

In honor of Yossi Klein whose commitment to learning Torah and remembering it is inspiring to all of his chavrusas. May Yossi continue m'chayil l'chayil.

Atara and Elliot Blumenthal

As a zechus for our children

Mirie & Michoel Elias

In honor of Rebbi

Devorah & Dov Elias

In honor of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Weinberger

Bashi & Benjy Fish

In honor of Menachem Lewin

Cheryl and Dani Ellenberg

In honor of our friends Jeff and Lani Zoldan

In Memory of the Aish Kodesh, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira the Grand Rabbi of Piaseczno.
By - Get inspired and inspire others.


In honor of Rebbe and Aish Kodesh

Dr. Zvi and Batsheva Nass

In honor of Rebbe and Rebbetzin Weinberger.

Thank you for being our inspiration.



Kalman and Ayala Goldstein
In honor of our children: Avri, Tehilla, and Dovid

Brocha & Gi Orman
TYH for all the love, chessed and nissim that you gave to our dear son Aron


Brianna Carmona
In honor of the Piaseczna Rebbe Z’’l

and Rebbe and Rebbetzin Weinberger

Rivki & Maurice Bortz
In honor of the first yartzeit of (Nanu) Malka bat Harav Noach

Eddie Pantiliat
In honor of Rebbe and the entire Aish Kodesh kehila

Mendy and Liba Friedlander and Family
In honor of Rebbe

Yermy and Rivka Boim
Refuah Sheleima for Alexander Ziskind Ben Miriam

Eytan and Aliza Feldman

Boruch Ross
With love to the entire Kehilah!

Amy and Moshe Weiss
לז״נ אברהם יעקב בן משולם דוב

and to Rebbe and Rebbetzin who infuse us with the fire of the Aish Kodesh

Chesky and Adina Wertman
In honor of our children and grandchildren

Avi Esses
In honor of the hard work of our President Howie Herskovich

Leslie Sklar
In memory of Yerachmiel Rueven Ben Alexander


Fri, December 9 2022 15 Kislev 5783